Pain and swelling are normal post-operative sequelae and may last for 7 – 14 days depending upon the procedure. Management of these problems will be helped by following these simple instructions.

REST but do not lie flat, keep your head elevated on a pillow when lying down.

Place an icepack, wrapped in a hand towel, gently against your jaw for just 10 minutes, do this every hour for the first 6 hours after surgery,

DO NOT smoke post operatively.

DO NOT consume alcohol for at least 24 hours.

DO NOT exercise for at least 72 hours after surgery.

Most patients need a combination of analgesics to successfully control pain. The following general instructions may differ depending on other medical conditions you may have. Discuss this with your Surgeon.

Ibuprofen (eg Nurofen) should be taken with food or milk ie: meal times, and before bed. Do NOT lie down for 30 minutes after taking this medication.

Paracetamol (eg Panadol) may be taken between doses of Ibuprofen if further pain relief is required.

You may be prescribed an additional analgesic (eg Mersyndol, Panadeine Forte), that may be taken in place of Paracetamol if required. These should be taken with food or a full glass of milk. Common side effects are nausea, constipation and drowsiness.

Do not drive or operate machinery or return to work if you are taking a prescribed analgesic.

If there is bleeding following your procedure:

Very very Gently rinse your mouth with cold water.

Fold and place one of the pieces of gauze in your pack gently into your mouth, over the bleeding area, and bite firmly on the gauze for 30 to 40 minutes. Do not remove the pack in this time.

*** IF BLEEDING STILL CONTINUES, OR BECOMES HEAVIER, please contact your Surgeon immediately.

Hygiene is important to help prevent infection.

Do not rinse your mouth in the first 24 hours following surgery, you may however brush your teeth gently using water (no toothpaste in the first 24 hours).

24 hours after surgery commence gently rinsing your mouth after every meal with a salt water solution (dissolve ½ teaspoon of salt in 1 cup of warm water). Alternatively you may use a mouthwash purchased. Continue brushing twice daily with toothpaste.

You will be given an irrigation syringe with this information sheet. Do not use this syringe until you have been contacted by us in approximately 7 – 10 days. Instructions on its use will be given to you at this time.

DO NOT eat or drink foods and liquids that are very hot within the first 24 hours. If it’s steaming it is too hot.

24 hours following surgery you may eat and drink foods and liquids that you feel you can cope with. Most people find soft foods easiest.

The sutures are soluble (usually beige coloured) and will disappear. You may have them break and you will spit them out or swallow them with food. This is considered normal, and is not cause for concern.

All patients undergoing surgery will receive a post-operative telephone call 7 – 10 days following surgery.

Routine removal of teeth (including third molar teeth) or preorthodontic surgery (exposure and ligation) generally does not require a review appointment unless you have concerns or specifically wish to be seen.