Exposure Of Impacted Teeth

Exposure of impacted teeth to assist an Orthodontist correcting dental crowding may be necessary. The most common tooth that is impacted (apart from the third molar teeth), is a maxillary canine tooth.

In order to move these teeth into the correct position in the oral cavity, it is often necessary for a surgical procedure to be performed. Typically, this involves removal of a small amount of overlying tissue to expose the crown of the impacted tooth. An orthodontic bracket with a chain attached is glued to the surface of the impacted tooth.

Your Orthodontist is now able to exert force on the impacted tooth via the chain allowing movement of the impacted tooth into its correct position in the oral cavity.

Orthodontic treatment of this nature is complex and should only be undertaken by a Specialist Orthodontist. Dr Anker and Dr Sherring will not undertake this procedure if you are being treated by your General Dentist. If you are unsure whether the person treating you is a Specialist Orthodontist, you can check on the AHPRA website. All Specialists will be recognised as ‘Dentist, Specialist’. If your Dentist only has ‘Dentist, General’ displayed on the AHPRA website they are not a recognised Specialist Dentist.